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PropSure has been dedicated to pioneering advancements in real estate technology and reshaping the industry landscape.

Our Story

Welcome to PropSure! Since 2019, we've been leading the charge in revolutionising the real estate technology industry. At PropSure, we've developed a comprehensive process that covers the entire ecosystem of real estate technology, from the Land Information System (LIMS) to WorksApp, Capstone, and customised CRM solutions.

One of our notable achievements includes the development and deployment of an innovative solution called the Online Property Verification System (OPVS) using our LIMS platform. This system has been successfully implemented in Islamabad, catering to the needs of local authorities such as the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Key Features of LIMS:

Invest Right: Our platform empowers users to make informed investment decisions by providing accurate and reliable data.

OPVS: The Online Property Verification System offers a convenient and efficient way to verify property details, ensuring transparency and security in real estate transactions.

PINS (Property Information Network System): With our PINS feature, users can access a centralised database of property information, streamlining the process of property management.

Forensic Reports: We offer detailed forensic reports that delve into the intricacies of property ownership and history, aiding in risk assessment and due diligence.

Technical Advisory: Our team of experts provides technical advisory services, offering guidance and support throughout the real estate development lifecycle.

Data as a Service: PropSure provides data as a service, offering access to valuable real estate data for research, analysis, and decision-making purposes.

Feasibility Study: Our platform facilitates feasibility studies for real estate projects, helping clients assess the viability and potential of their ventures.

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