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Dedicated to pioneering advancements, we specialize in developing real estate-related technologies across its entire spectrum.

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Find out more about PropSure Digital Solutions, an innovative force in real estate industry that is transforming property services with digital innovation:

Pioneering Digital Transformation

First-Ever Online Property Verification

Land Information Management

Creating Pakistan's Largest Spatial Database

State-of-the-Art Digital Mapping

Trusted by 100+ businesses to scale outbound sales and drive new revenue streams.

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PropSure modernizes land record management, prioritizing efficiency, transparency, and accessibility for streamlined administration.

Customisable CRM Solutions

Propsure's intuitive CRM solution allows you to streamline communication, manage leads and customers, categorize clients, and much more.

Feasibility Studies

In-depth financial analysis, risk assessments, and market research are all conducted by our team to create detailed feasibility studies that result in profitable real estate projects.

Tailoured Solutions for Your Business Needs

Personalised and innovative solutions for growth acceleration

Capstone - Real Estate ERP

With its integrated ERP solution, Capstone by PropSure Digital Solutions transforms real estate management and enables effective operations, strategic decision-making, and customer-focused service.

WorksApp - Real Estate CRM

Your comprehensive solution for real estate development and investment management. Streamline your venture from lead inception to deal closure effortlessly.

LIMS - Land Information Management System

LIMS, provide extensive forensic examinations, feasibility studies, and much more for unmatched land insights, helps making informed real estate decisions.

Rabt - Call Center Solution

Imarat’s Contact Centre prioritizes delivering secure, efficient, and informative customer services by engaging clients through various communication channels within the centre.

Client Portal

Experience a cutting-edge Client Portal revolutionising real estate. Gain Financial Clarity, Loyalty Rewards, and Empowering Investment Journey—all in one innovative platform.

PropHF - Home Financing Solution

PropSure’s Home Financing solution simplifies property valuation for banks, saving time and costs with efficient verification processes.

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OPVS is Online Property Verification System by PropSure. It aids investors by verifying critical property attributes like layout plan, approval status and property address details. It ensures informed investment decisions by providing comprehensive property information.

PropSure Digital Solutions leads the way in revolutionizing real estate sector digitally. It provides online property verification and inspection services using cutting-edge technology and creative digital methods.

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