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Streamline Every Step from Lead Inception to Deal Closure with Confidence.

Main Modules

Morning Meeting

Start your day off right with the Morning Meeting module on WorksApp. Plan, organize, and coordinate tasks efficiently to ensure a productive day ahead.


Keep track of your schedule effortlessly with WorksApp’s Diary module. Seamlessly manage appointments, deadlines, and important events to stay organised and on top of your tasks.

Data Bank

Access all your essential data in one centralised location with WorksApp’s Data Bank module. Store, retrieve, and manage important information securely, ensuring easy access whenever you need it.


Never miss out on potential opportunities with WorksApp’s Lead module. Capture, track, and nurture leads effectively to drive business growth and success.


Provide exceptional client management services with WorksApp’s Client module. Keep detailed records, track interactions, and deliver personalised experiences to build lasting relationships with your clients.


Close deals efficiently and effectively with WorksApp’s Deal module. Manage negotiations, track progress, and streamline the entire deal process to achieve successful outcomes.
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Worksapp caters to the diverse needs of real estate developers, investors, agents, and brokers. It offers an innovative platform designed to optimize every aspect of venture management. With intuitive tools for lead nurturing, client engagement, and deal tracking, Worksapp empowers professionals to elevate their performance. It drives unparalleled success in the competitive real estate market for them.

Key Challenges and Business Impact

Real estate professionals face significant challenges that directly impact their business success. Inefficient lead generation, disjointed client management, and fragmented communication channels hinder productivity and growth. These challenges result in missed opportunities, decreased customer satisfaction, and delays in decision-making, ultimately affecting revenue and reputation. Streamlined solutions like Worksapp are essential for overcoming these obstacles, enabling professionals to enhance efficiency, drive growth, and maintain competitive edge in the market.

Key Features

  • Client Management
  • Lead Management
  • Client Categorization
  • Deal Management

Client Management

WorksApp eliminates these challenges by providing a centralized hub for client management. From storing contact information to tracking interactions and preferences, Worksapp ensures that you have all the necessary tools to provide personalized service and build strong client connections. By centralizing client data and communication, Worksapp enables you to deliver exceptional service and foster long-lasting client relationships.

Lead Management

WorksApp addresses this challenge head-on with robust lead management capabilities. Our platform offers intuitive tools and automated workflows that enable you to prioritize leads, follow up promptly, and seamlessly convert prospects into clients. By providing a structured approach to

lead management, WorksApp ensures that no opportunity goes unnoticed, empowering you to maximize your sales potential and grow your business with confidence.

Client Categorization (Pipeline)

Worksapp's client categorization feature streamlines this process, allowing you to organize your client pipeline efficiently. By categorizing clients based on their stage in the sales process, you can tailor your approach and focus your efforts on high-priority opportunities. With Worksapp, you can ensure that your sales efforts are targeted and strategic, maximizing your chances of success in the competitive real estate market.

Deal Management

Worksapp simplifies deal management by providing a centralized platform for tracking and managing transactions. From creating contracts to monitoring progress and closing deals, Worksapp streamlines the entire deal lifecycle, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. With Worksapp, you can manage your real estate transactions with confidence, knowing that you have the tools and support you need to succeed.

Product Team

Here is a diverse team of people working on WorksApp

Shams Ur Rehman

Product Manager

Arslan Haroon

Team Lead

Usman Tariq

Design Lead

Fatima Sultan

Front-End Lead

Amir Waqas

BI Lead



Wali Ur Rehman


Akash Arshad


Abdullah Randhawa


Jamal Khan


Ahmad Ali


Shamsa Fayyaz


Laiba Khan


Sammia Javed


Abdul Manan


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