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Seamlessly Dial, Efficiently Reach Contacts, and Personalize Engagement with Rabt.

Main Modules

Dialpad for Manual Dialling

Efficiently make calls with our user-friendly Dialpad, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced productivity.

Existing Customers Contact List for Manual Calling

Access your existing customer contacts effortlessly for manual calling, streamlining your outreach process and fostering stronger client relationships.

Call Generation through Leads

Generate calls directly from your leads list, maximizing your outreach potential and fostering valuable connections with potential clients.

Call Generation through Client Journey

Initiate calls based on your client’s journey, enhancing engagement and providing personalized communication tailored to their needs.

Diary Calendar Calls

Schedule and manage your calls conveniently with our integrated Diary Calendar feature, ensuring timely follow-ups, appointments, and better time management.

Automated Diary Tasks Creation on Manual Dialling

Automatically create diary tasks when making manual calls, helping you stay organized, efficient, and focused on key priorities.

Lead Generation on Live Call through Add Info Dialog

Capture valuable lead information during live calls through our Add Info Dialog, optimizing your lead generation efforts and increasing conversion rates.

Discover our client base

PropSure's Rabt caters to a diverse clientele within the real estate sector. This includes real estate developers aiming to enhance customer service experiences, investors seeking efficient communication channels, personal home buyers in need of comprehensive assistance throughout their buying journey, and banking institutes looking to optimise their customer support operations.

Key Challenges and Business Impact

One of the primary challenges faced by real estate companies and banking institutes is managing high call volumes effectively. Rabt addresses this issue by offering automated call handling features that reduce wait times and enhance customer satisfaction. Inefficient call routing and handling processes often result in frustration for both customers and agents. Rabt's IVR functionality streamlines call navigation, ensuring that users are directed to the appropriate resources promptly.

Moreover, ensuring quality assurance in call interactions is paramount for maintaining customer satisfaction and compliance standards. Rabt's call recording and transcription capabilities enable organisations to monitor and analyse conversations for training purposes and regulatory compliance. Integration with CRM systems allows for seamless management of customer interactions, ensuring that all relevant data is captured and stored centrally for future reference and analysis.

Key Features

  • Automated Call Handling
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Integration with CRMs
  • Real-time Analytics

Automated Call Handling

Rabt optimizes operations with automated call handling, reducing manual tasks by automatically directing calls based on predefined criteria. This ensures swift and accurate customer service delivery, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Rabt facilitates efficient call management through its IVR system, allowing callers to navigate menus and prompts seamlessly. This self-service option streamlines the calling process, improving customer satisfaction and reducing wait times.

Call Recording and Transcription

Ensure quality and compliance with Rabt's call recording and transcription features. By capturing and transcribing conversations, businesses can analyze interactions for training, compliance, and record-keeping purposes, fostering better customer service and regulatory adherence.

Integration with CRM Systems

Rabt seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, consolidating customer data and interactions. This unified platform enhances workflow processes, improves data accuracy, and enables personalized customer interactions, ultimately boosting satisfaction and retention.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Gain actionable insights with Rabt's real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. By providing comprehensive data on call performance, agent productivity, and customer behaviour, businesses can make informed decisions and continuously improve call center operations.

Product Team

Here is a diverse team of people working on Rabt

Muhammad Akmal

Team Lead

Zain Ali Sajid


Hamza Saleem


Abdullah Randhawa


Usman Tariq

Design Lead

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