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Revolutionize Real Estate Management with Integrated ERP For Seamless Operations.

Main Modules


Manage your projects seamlessly with Capstone’s Project module. From planning to execution, track progress, allocate resources, and ensure timely completion of tasks.


Keep track of your inventory effortlessly with Capstone’s Inventory module. Monitor stock levels, track movement, and streamline inventory management for efficient operations.


Simplify the booking process with Capstone’s Booking module. From reservations to confirmations, manage bookings efficiently and provide exceptional customer service.

Receivable Finance

Take control of your finances with Capstone’s Receivable Finance module. Track receivables, manage invoices, and streamline financial transactions for improved cash flow management.

Contracts & Agreements

Maintain strong relationships with stakeholders using Capstone’s Contact & Agreements module. Keep track of contacts, agreements, and communications to ensure smooth collaboration.

Digital Receiving

Streamline receiving processes with Capstone’s Digital Receiving module. Digitize documentation, automate workflows, and enhance efficiency in handling incoming materials.


Enhance customer retention strategies with Capstone’s Retention module. Analyze customer data, implement targeted campaigns, and improve customer satisfaction for long-term loyalty.

Rental Management

Streamline receiving processes with Capstone’s Digital Receiving module. Digitize documentation, automate workflows, and enhance efficiency in handling incoming materials.

Customer Management

Deliver exceptional customer service with Capstone’s Customer Management module. Track interactions, manage inquiries, and personalize experiences to build strong customer relationships.

User Management

Ensure security and access control with Capstone’s User Management module. Manage user permissions, roles, and access levels to safeguard sensitive information and maintain data integrity.

Discover our client base

Our current client base for Capstone predominantly consists of real estate professionals, spanning developers, investors, agents, and brokers. However, the platform's inherent flexibility positions it for future customization to serve a broader spectrum of industries. While Capstone excels in addressing the specific needs of real estate clients today, its adaptable nature holds the promise of extending its transformative impact to various sectors in the future. Join our vibrant client community and experience firsthand how Capstone's innovative solutions are reshaping the landscape of multiple industries.

Key Challenges and Business Impact

Within the real estate industry, our clients grapple with multifaceted challenges ranging from intricate regulatory landscapes to unpredictable market dynamics and intricate stakeholder relations. Capstone rises to meet these challenges with a tailored suite of solutions.

Capstone's regulatory compliance tools ensure our clients remain aligned with evolving legal obligations, mitigating risks and facilitating seamless operations. Furthermore, our platform's sophisticated analytics empower users with real-time insights, enabling informed decision-making amidst market uncertainties. Additionally, Capstone's client-centric approach fosters personalized interactions, bolstering relationships and driving enhanced client retention.

Moreover, Capstone's financial recovery solutions provide indispensable support in navigating budget constraints, offering financial analysis, debt restructuring, and asset management capabilities. By harnessing these capabilities, our clients can navigate complexities with confidence, surmount obstacles, and ultimately achieve success in their real estate ventures.

Key Features

  • Financial Recovery
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Booking Management

Financial Recovery

Capstone offers robust financial recovery solutions to help real estate companies navigate uncertainties and recover from setbacks. From financial analysis to debt restructuring and asset management, Capstone equips organizations with the tools they need to overcome financial obstacles and thrive in a competitive market. By providing insights and strategies for financial recovery, Capstone ensures that organizations can weather storms and emerge stronger than before.

Product Management

Capstone offers comprehensive real estate product management features, allowing organizations to efficiently manage properties, listings, and projects. From tracking inventory to optimizing pricing strategies, Capstone enables real estate professionals to maximize the value of their assets and portfolios. Capstone's real estate product management capabilities empower organizations to streamline operations, optimize resources, and drive business growth.

Inventory Management

Capstone provides tools for effective management of planned and unplanned inventory, allowing organizations to track inventory levels, forecast demand, and optimize supply chain operations. By ensuring adequate inventory levels and minimizing stockouts, Capstone helps organizations maintain operational efficiency and meet customer demand. Capstone's inventory management features enable organizations to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Booking Management

Capstone streamlines booking management processes, allowing real estate organizations to efficiently manage reservations, appointments, and bookings. By automating scheduling tasks and optimizing resource allocation, Capstone helps organizations improve customer service and maximize booking opportunities. Capstone's booking management features enable organizations to streamline processes, reduce administrative burdens.

Product Team

Here is a diverse team of people working on Capstone

Shams Ur Rehman

Product Manager

Ibrar Nasir

Product Manager

Talha Ali

Team Lead

Uzair Khan


Asif Javed


Syed Saqib Zarish


Ahmer Safi


Ahmer Faiz


Hassan Abbasi


Usman Tariq

Design Lead

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