Technical Advisory Services 

At PropSure, we are dedicated to ensuring that your property development journey is smooth and successful. Our comprehensive range of Technical Advisory Services is designed to navigate the complexities of property development with ease. We prioritize compliance with regulatory standards and strive to enhance the feasibility of your projects.
Our team’s extensive expertise covers various domains, offering you invaluable support throughout the entire property development lifecycle. Discover the pivotal role our services play in each project phase, as we provide detailed insights into the essential aspects of our Technical Advisory Services.

Technical Support in Land Acquisition

At PropSure, we offer unparalleled expertise in land acquisition, providing a robust foundation for your development projects. Our technical support services encompass a thorough site identification process, backed by critical analysis to ensure the land is not publicly owned and adheres to all zoning regulations. We delve into the intricate details of land status, whether it’s Shamlaati Land, Khana Khaasht, or Khaana Malkiat, and its classification in revenue records, be it agricultural, barren, residential, commercial, or part of a biodiversity park.

Purchase of Land

At PropSure, our land consolidation strategy is underpinned by a rigorous valuation methodology. We leverage quantitative analysis to ascertain the average land price, employing data-driven insights from DC Rate, Market Rate, and Valuation or DOR Tables.

In addition, we conduct a thorough assessment of the land consolidation status, integrating this with our valuation to paint a detailed picture of the land’s developmental prospects. Our due diligence process encompasses the certification of the minimum access road width, ensuring it meets statutory requirements, and the meticulous validation of revenue documents such as Fard, Intiqal, Registry, Aks-shajra, and Musavi Girdawri/Possession Certificate.

Our technical acumen extends to the identification of potential land from ownership documents, accurately pinpointing its on-site location with superimposed Musavis/Lathas, and detecting any discrepancies between the documents and the Digital Land Information System or between documented and possessed land on-site. This detailed approach empowers our clients with the confidence to navigate the complexities of land acquisition with precision and assurance.


At PropSure, we streamline the approval process by meticulously obtaining the requisite sanction from authoritative revenue bodies. Our expertise lies in the acquisition of Non-encumbrance Certificates (NECs) from Registrar Offices, which serve as a testament to the clear title of the land.

We employ a systematic approach to identify and reconcile discrepancies between the documented land records and the actual land possession on-site. This includes a thorough legal review to ascertain the land’s status and the resolution of any encumbrances, thereby safeguarding our clients’ investments and facilitating a clear transfer of ownership.

Feasibility Studies

The success or failure of a project primarily depends on four specific parameters: Ownership, Approval, Demand, and Delivery. Ownership issues in Pakistan arise due to the presence of age-old land records dating back to 1906. There is no single updated digital land record system to facilitate improved land transfers and bring transparency to ownership status.

The approval of a project deals with the existing development plan (Master Plan, Outline Development Plan, Peri-urban Structure Plan, etc.), applicable bylaws, and the concerned regulatory authority. The demand for the project can be determined by analyzing the social and demographic aspects of the project area, incorporating SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, financial analysis, and demand and supply analysis. Delivery of any project relies on cash flows and project management. This Ownership, Approval, Demand, and Delivery (OADD) approach is adopted to determine the project’s status in terms of prospective success or failure.

Feasibility studies emphasize the demand and delivery of the project by considering its technical, operational, economic, and financial aspects. They provide stakeholders with the specific knowledge and understanding necessary to make important investment decisions. This is achieved through careful determination of market size and key players in the site proximity, site potential, possible hurdles, and roadblocks to scrutinize the practicability and viability of a given project. The service includes:

Screening Study

The screening study provides an overall view of whether the project is advisable to be executed or not in light of the master plan, peri-urban structure plan, and outline development plan. It sheds light on the project’s permissibility in terms of the regulatory body and its applicable bylaws.

Pre-Feasibility Study

The pre-feasibility study incorporates all major components such as available utilities, livability, title plan information, title register, and property valuation. Together, these factors serve as a foundation for decision-makers and investors to decide on whether a detailed market study/feasibility study should take place.

Market Study

To determine the project’s viability, the market study incorporates SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, financial evaluation, demand and supply analysis, provision of alternatives and their comparison, selection of the best alternative, and provision of trunk infrastructure and utility services (Road, water supply, sewerage, drainage) through a thorough assessment of market size, key players in site proximity, and overall site potential. The study demonstrates the project’s technical or economic viability.

Submission Services

PropSure provides end-to-end submission services, including environmental, planning, traffic impact, soil transfer, and hydrological impact assessments. We facilitate the preparation of necessary drawings, reports, and surveys, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and project requirements. Our team manages the submission process efficiently, expediting approvals and minimizing delays.

Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Study

A Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Study is a crucial component in the evaluation of transportation implications associated with proposed development projects. At PropSure, our TIA studies encompass a comprehensive analysis of various factors to assess the potential impacts on traffic circulation and infrastructure. Here’s a summary of the key features included in our TIA studies:

Reconnaissance Survey:

We conduct a preliminary reconnaissance survey to gather essential data on the existing transportation infrastructure and traffic patterns in the project area.

Road Inventory Survey:

Our team conducts a detailed inventory survey of the road network, including information on road types, lanes, intersections, and signage.

Manual Classified Traffic Volume Survey:

We collect data on traffic volumes through manual classified surveys, categorizing vehicles based on their type and direction of travel.

Modal Split Analysis:

Our analysis includes assessing the modal split of transportation modes used in the project area, such as private vehicles, public transit, walking, and cycling.

Trip Generation Analysis (ITE Standards):

Using standards set by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), we estimate the number of trips generated by the proposed development based on its size, type, and location.

Transport Infrastructure:

We evaluate the existing transport infrastructure's capacity and adequacy to accommodate projected increases in traffic demand resulting from the proposed development.

Internal & External Trip Analysis:

Our study includes analyzing both internal trips (within the project area) and external trips (incoming and outgoing trips to/from the project area) to understand the project's traffic impacts comprehensively.

Network Optimization/ Assign Routes:

We optimize the road network and assign routes to minimize congestion and improve traffic flow, considering factors such as travel time and safety.

Traffic Circulation Plan:

PropSure develops a traffic circulation plan that outlines how vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists will move within and around the project area to ensure efficient and safe transportation.

Cumulative Traffic Impact Analysis:

We assess the cumulative traffic impacts of the proposed development in conjunction with other existing and planned developments in the area.

Road Network Analysis:

Our analysis includes evaluating the road network's capacity, connectivity, and potential bottlenecks to identify areas requiring improvement or expansion.

Level of Service:

We determine the level of service (LOS) for various road segments and intersections, indicating the quality of traffic flow and congestion levels.

Traffic Generation Analysis (Occupancy)

Using occupancy data, we estimate the traffic generation potential of the proposed development, considering factors such as land use, building occupancy, and peak-hour traffic patterns.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

PropSure, a leading environmental consulting firm, conducts thorough Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to evaluate the potential environmental consequences of proposed projects. With a commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance, PropSure employs a meticulous process to ensure comprehensive assessment and mitigation of environmental impacts. Here are the key factors involved in PropSure’s EIA studies:

Screening & Scoping

PropSure initiates the EIA process by screening proposed projects to determine the need for a full assessment. Scoping activities follow, identifying key environmental issues and stakeholders to guide the assessment process effectively.

Baseline Data Sampling

PropSure conducts extensive baseline data sampling to establish a clear understanding of existing environmental conditions before project implementation. This includes comprehensive assessments of air quality, noise levels, water quality, and ecological parameters.

Socio-Economic Surveys

PropSure engages with local communities through surveys and consultations to assess the socio-economic impacts of proposed projects. By evaluating factors such as employment, income, and community well-being, PropSure ensures a holistic understanding of project implications.

Stakeholder Analysis

PropSure conducts thorough stakeholder analyses to identify and engage with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and local communities. By understanding stakeholder interests and concerns, PropSure facilitates transparent decision-making.

Site Analysis

PropSure conducts detailed site analyses to evaluate the physical, ecological, and socio-economic characteristics of proposed project sites. This includes assessments of biodiversity, land use, and cultural heritage to inform site suitability.

Applicable Bylaws

PropSure ensures compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and bylaws throughout the EIA process. By adhering to standards governing environmental protection, land use planning, and wildlife conservation, PropSure maintains regulatory compliance.

Impact Assessment

PropSure evaluates potential environmental, social, and economic impacts of proposed projects, considering factors such as air quality, water resources, noise levels, biodiversity, and human health. This comprehensive assessment guides mitigation efforts.

Mitigation Measures

Based on the findings of impact assessments, PropSure develops robust mitigation measures to minimize or eliminate adverse project impacts. These measures may include design modifications, pollution control measures, and environmental management plans.

EMMP (Environment Monitoring & Management Plan)

PropSure supports project proponents in presenting EIA study findings and addressing stakeholder concerns during public hearings. By facilitating transparent communication and informed decision-making, PropSure promotes project acceptance.

EIA Approval

PropSure assists project proponents in obtaining EIA approvals from regulatory authorities. By demonstrating compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the effectiveness of mitigation measures, PropSure ensures project approval and implementation in accordance with environmental standards.

Approval Assistance for Planning Permission

At PropSure, we provide comprehensive support to clients seeking planning permission, ensuring a smooth and successful approval process. Our services include the preparation of defense presentations and offering technical and legal support in various regulatory bodies.

Preparation of Defense Presentation

We meticulously prepare defense presentations to advocate for your project before regulatory bodies. These presentations are tailored to highlight key aspects such as topographic surveys, master planning/layout planning, traffic impact assessments (TIA), and environmental impact assessments (EIA).

Technical Defense of the Project

We present technical defenses of the project before regulatory committees such as the Planning & Design Committee (PDC), District Planning and Development Council (DPDC), High-Level Design Committee (HLDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Traffic Engineering and Transportation Agency (TEPA). Our defense strategy is backed by thorough analysis and adherence to regulatory requirements.

PropSure offers comprehensive technical and legal support throughout the planning approval process. We ensure that all necessary documentation is in order and provide expert guidance on navigating regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements.

Assistance in Building Plan Approval

PropSure offers comprehensive support in obtaining approval for building plans, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and standards. Our services encompass advocating for the project before the concerned regulatory authorities, addressing key aspects of building control regulations, seismic provisions, energy provisions, and fire safety provisions.

Defending Project with Regulatory Authorities

We represent your project before the concerned regulatory authority, presenting detailed architectural drawings, structural drawings, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) drawings and certificates. Additionally, we provide essential documentation such as possession certificates from Land/Survey Division, firefighting certificates and drawings, CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) certificates, and soil investigation reports.

Building Control Regulations -2020

Our experts thoroughly review and ensure compliance with the latest building control regulations, ensuring that your project adheres to the prescribed guidelines and standards set forth in the Building Control Regulations.

Seismic Provisions - Building Codes of Pakistan

We assess your project's structural integrity in accordance with seismic provisions outlined in the Building Codes of Pakistan, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to mitigate seismic risks and enhance structural resilience.

Energy Provisions

PropSure evaluates your project's energy efficiency and compliance with energy provisions stipulated in the Building Codes of Pakistan. We assist in incorporating energy-efficient design elements and systems to optimize energy usage and minimize environmental impact.

Fire Safety Provisions

Our team ensures that your project meets the requisite fire safety provisions outlined in the Building Codes of Pakistan. This includes reviewing firefighting certificates and drawings, implementing fire safety measures, and ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants.

Regulatory Services for Project Follow-Up

PropSure offers comprehensive regulatory services to ensure ongoing compliance and oversight throughout the lifecycle of projects. By liaising with concerned authorities, PropSure facilitates smooth progress and adherence to regulatory requirements. Here are the key regulatory services provided by PropSure:

CDA and Development Authorities

PropSure follows up with Capital Development Authority (CDA) and other development authorities to ensure compliance, monitoring, and site visits. This includes submitting progress reports and obtaining completion certificates as per regulatory standards.

NHA and Highway Authorities

PropSure works with National Highway Authority (NHA) and highway authorities to maintain the character of access roads and ensure smooth traffic channelization during project implementation.

Metropolitan/Municipal Corporations

PropSure assists in addressing tax issues, facilitating civic amenities, beautification of parks, and ensuring availability of water infrastructure through coordination with metropolitan/municipal corporations.

Board of Revenue

PropSure periodically updates land status through processes like Girdawri, ensuring accurate documentation and compliance with land regulations.

Civil Aviation Authority

PropSure facilitates the acquisition of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for height clearance from Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring compliance with aviation safety regulations.

Environmental Protection Agency

PropSure manages the approval process for environmental impact assessments (IEE/EIA) with the Environmental Protection Agency, ensuring projects meet environmental standards and receive necessary approvals.

Irrigation Department

PropSure obtains necessary NOCs from the Irrigation Department, particularly regarding clearance of projects from flood-prone areas, to ensure project safety and compliance with water management regulations.


PropSure coordinates with utility providers such as Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), and Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) to ensure provision of services like gas, electricity, and water supply. This includes addressing grid requirements and facilitating testing and fitting of the entire system to meet project needs.

By providing these regulatory services, PropSure ensures that projects adhere to legal requirements, maintain environmental sustainability, and contribute positively to communities and infrastructure development.

Technical Assistance in Obtaining Completion Certificate

At PropSure, we provide invaluable support to streamline the process of obtaining the Completion Certificate for your construction projects. Our services cover a wide array of tasks aimed at ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating the successful conclusion of your project.

Submission of Requisite Documents

We assist you in compiling and submitting all necessary documents essential for obtaining the Completion Certificate. This includes obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from various authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority, Revenue Directorate, and City Sewerage Division.

As-Built Drawings and Certificates

We oversee the preparation and submission of accurate As-Built Completion Drawings and As-Built Firefighting Drawings. Additionally, we ensure the acquisition of a Plinth Level Certificate to validate the structural integrity of your building.

Certifications and Approvals

Our team facilitates the procurement of essential certifications, including those affirming the soundness and stability of your structure. We also coordinate the acquisition of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Certificates from enlisted consultants recognized by regulatory bodies such as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Compliance Documentation

We guide you through the process of obtaining necessary approvals, including Fire Fighting plans, and ensure the submission of indemnity bonds, affidavits, and certificates from PEC Registered Consultants to meet regulatory requirements.

Construction Stages Certificates

Throughout the construction journey, we ensure the timely issuance of Construction Stages Certificates from architects, engineers, and vetting consultants. These certificates serve as crucial milestones, verifying compliance with regulatory standards and project specifications at each stage of development.

Forensic Audit

In today’s business environment, ensuring the integrity and reliability of financial records is vital for maintaining trust and transparency. However, instances of fraud or irregularities can pose significant risks to organizations. At PropSure, we offer Forensic Audit Services designed to uncover such issues through meticulous investigation and analysis.

Our services are tailored to assist clients in identifying discrepancies, assessing liabilities, and providing factual evidence for legal proceedings. With a focus on thorough planning and precise execution, we employ substantive techniques to review documents, analyze data, and evaluate internal controls. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to deliver actionable insights that enable our clients to address challenges effectively and safeguard their financial interests.

Planning the Investigation

We initiate the process by meticulously planning the investigation, outlining objectives, scope, and methodologies to ensure a systematic and comprehensive approach.

Substantive Technique for Reconciliations

Employing substantive techniques, we conduct reconciliations and review planning documents, inventory records, and other relevant documents to identify discrepancies and irregularities.

Analysis of Comparative Data

In-depth analysis of comparative data from different segments is conducted, comparing it with benchmarks such as approved plans or inventory records to identify anomalies.

Internal Controls Assessment

We assess the effectiveness of internal controls within the organization or process under investigation, evaluating their capability in preventing and detecting fraudulent activities.

Inventory Reconciliation

Thorough inventory reconciliation is conducted, comparing physical inventory counts with documented records to ensure accuracy and identify potential discrepancies.

Documentation of Findings

Throughout the forensic audit process, meticulous documentation of findings is maintained, ensuring a comprehensive record of evidence and observations.

Fact-based Interpretation

Our analysis is grounded in factual evidence, ensuring an objective interpretation of findings and conclusions.

Summary of Evidence

A summary of evidence gathered during the investigation is compiled, presenting key findings and supporting documentation in a clear and concise manner.

Suggestions for Improvement

Based on findings, clients are provided with suggestions for improving internal controls, processes, and procedures to mitigate risks and enhance governance.

Digital Inventory Management

Digital Inventory Management is a strategic approach to efficiently track, manage, and forecast inventory using digital tools and systems. At PropSure, our digital inventory management services encompass a range of features to streamline inventory operations and ensure accuracy. Here’s a summary of the key features included in our digital inventory management services:

Inventory Forecasting:

We employ advanced forecasting techniques to predict future inventory needs based on historical data, market trends, and demand fluctuations.

Product Planning - Perpetual Planning System:

Our perpetual planning system enables continuous product planning and replenishment, ensuring optimal inventory levels to meet demand while minimizing excess stock.

Preparation of Deck:

We prepare comprehensive decks containing detailed information on inventory levels, trends, and forecasts, providing stakeholders with actionable insights for decision-making.

Inventory Tracking System:

Our inventory tracking system utilizes advanced technologies such as barcode scanning and RFID tagging to monitor inventory movement in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory records.

Inventory Reconciliation:

We conduct regular inventory reconciliation to compare physical inventory counts with digital records, identifying discrepancies and implementing corrective measures to maintain inventory accuracy.

Use FIFO (First-In, First-Out) Approach:

We adhere to the FIFO approach in allotting title numbers to inventory title plans and title registers, ensuring that older inventory is used or sold first to minimize inventory obsolescence and wastage.

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